Center for Arts Art Laboratory

The Center for Arts Art Laboratory is a multifunctional art space located in the “artistic district” of Sofia in an authentic building from the beginning of the early XX century. The mission of the Center is to inform, provoke and encourage the interest of the society in art.

Its aim is to create art events that are up to date with the contemporary world practices, thus attracting new audiences and contributing to the cultural life of the capital.Founded  in 2015, Art Lab has been initiator and organizer of exhibitions, presentations, lectures, courses, competitions, literary readings, creative presentations and collaborations. It has hosted international  festivals for art and literatre and has been a guest to events in various indoor and outdoor galleries, educational and urban spaces.


Yulian Stankulov

Yulian began his painting education at the National School for Fine Arts, having continued through the National Academy of Arts (Bulgaria), Kent State School of Art (USA), Mimar Sinan University (Turkey) and successfully defended PhD in art history and fine arts. Over the years, he has experimented with various techniques and forms of painting, sculpture and photography. Most of all he loves to paint and rest on the background of nice music and natural landscape.

Yagmur Stankulova

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Yagmur graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and specialized in painting at the National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria. She works in the field of painting by mixing classical and contemporary techniques, developing the subjects of tenderness and sensitivity through the eyes of a modern woman. She loves to cook, travel and making photos. You can see the results turned into paintings and photos at Instagram

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  • 0988 348 119, 0878 857 770

You can visit us any time by making an appointment by phone or email.

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